Massage give is to receive

Having given a very long massage today to a very dear gentleman, I wondered how I would feel after. 
Would I be tired? Exhausted? Drained? 

 What I noticed was a beautiful peaceful feeling all over my body.  I felt  peaceful, at ease, happy, blessed and calm. 

Throughout this lengthy massage, I reminded myself to be mindful and in the moment.  I feel that I am at my best when I am in a mindful state, and it also affords a sort of protection from being drained by thinking. 

I really wanted to  do a wonderful job with someone that was trusting me with their body, face and head. 

When you are receving a massage for the first time, it is a leap of faith.  Laying on a table with a sheet over you and letting go can be difficult for some. 

C was great.  I used hot stones with his massage, and he was very patient with my inexperience.  They can get too hot, or not hot enough.  I really appreciated him voicing what felt good and what didn’t to me.  If a stone was not hot enough, he was sure to tell me.  Feedback is so important when you are establishing a theraputic relationship with someone.

But, back to my original point/question…Does anyone else feel “blissed out” after giving one?  I googled the subject and here are the findings from a study from the TRI about this. Elderly Retired  Volunteers Providing Versus Receiving Massage

Elderly retired volunteers were assessed after giving Infants massage for a  month versus receiving massage themselves. Results were: 1) they reported less  anxiety and fewer depressive symptoms and an improved mood after giving infants  massage; 2) their pulse decreased; 3) their cortisol levels decreased; and 4)  they reported improved self esteem and a better lifestyle (e.g. fewer doctor  visits and more social contacts) after the one month period. These effects were  stronger for giving infants the massages than receiving massages themselves,  suggesting that the massager can benefit from simply giving massages.

“Elderly Retired Volunteers Benefit from Giving Massage Therapy to Infants”,  Journal of Applied Gerontology, (1998), 17, 229-239

Article Source:

What does this mean?  Simply put, I need to give more Massages and do more Reiki. 

How sweet is it that to give is to receive.


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